Welcome To SwearzIt

Welcome to SwearzIt. For now, the site is not as it’s original intended purpose. Originally, I was building a social site that used FB and Twitter tools to get people to make promises and keep them.  If they didn’t keep the promise, it would be posted on their wall.  Some what of a public shaming. Well that is still in the works, but just on a local test server at home.  For now, I’ll use this domain to showcase my works as well as provide tutorials, ideas, advice and hopefully some laughs too.

I just took the CLA exam, which is the highest level of certification regarding LabVIEW

As for myself, I’m the Director of Software Engineering for a small systems integrator in Tucson, AZ know as Aztera.  A bit of a fancy title for now since I no longer have any other developers working with me.  Still, I write most of the software for the company using LabVIEW.  If you don’t know what it is, it’s a high level graphical programing language designed for hardware integration.  I’ve been writing code in LabVIEW for 2 years now and passed the CLD exam last year.  I just took the CLA exam, which is the highest level of certification regarding LabVIEW, and I’m currently awaiting the results (keep an eye out for the update, I’ll be getting the results soon).

I did learn something from the exam however, and it’s really how I can be an architect.  The design of the exam really leads one to create a bunch of blank VIs and build the high level design pattern first.  With my future projects, this is how I will start working on them.  I’ll build the GUI first and document how each control meets some design requirement.  Then, I’ll build up the block diagram with the high level design pattern.  All of the VIs will be blank, including the subVIs, however they will be documented with what they are supposed to do and mark which functional requirement it satisfies.  I’ll mark off all of the requirements that have been accounted for and include this as a required document for future CDRs.

I’m really hoping that this site will allow me to express my thoughts.  There are times where I feel like I have a good idea, but don’t write it down.  The ideas I do write down, end up hiding within the pages of my little notebook that I keep. Hopefully, there will be a bit more pressure to document my experiences and give me a chance to reflect.  Hopefully since you’re reading this, you’ll also be able to get not only an insight on me, but also learn a few tips along the way.